JB Chef Culinary Butane Torch: The Search for Innovation in Food Service

JB Chef Culinary Butane Torch The Search for Innovation in Food Service.jpg

Look at the food service industry today, and you'll see that leaders in this field are on the hunt for new recipes and new types of food presentation.

Restaurants have to balance their food costs, but they're also looking for unique models and approaches that will draw in customers. They want to “wow” crowds – partly because that leads to the kinds of local and national promotions that give the business visibility, but also because it simply gets diners in the door.

In many cases, that strategy involves superior tools and resources for the kitchen.

The JB Chef Torch is one of the best examples of this approach.

When you look at the return on investment of some kind of fancy oven or a new set of skillets or something like that, you're dealing with significant cost. In some cases, your customers might not even see the value that's added.

With the JB Chef Torch, that value-added approach is evident when every plate hits the table. Diners see the elegant result of using this butane torch on food – the contours of caramelization or heat treatment – and the neat aesthetic they provide.

But that's not all – you're getting all of this visual and culinary upgrade with hardly any cost, because the tool itself is so portable and versatile.

You don't need additional counter space or appliance installation for this upgrade to your kitchen. It can even fit in a food truck.

That's the secret and the beauty of using the JB Chef tool for many different kinds of culinary presentations that will knock your customer’s socks off.

We want the JB Chef Torch to be as popular in the kitchen as JB Weld is in the mechanical world. It's that versatile, and it's that valuable to business clients. You can even solder and weld with it – although some chefs would say that’s kind of silly. In many cases, it’s much more effective to see how you can experiment with food presentation, in an age where visuals rule, and a refined elegance on a plate can propel a restaurant to new heights.

Take a look at our website to see how the JB Chef Torch helps with marshmallows crème brûlée, meats, salads and more. You'll be surprised at the number of uses that you can find for this restaurant gear. It slices, it dices – well, no, actually, it scorches and crisps and caramelizes … in ways that can make your kitchen seem like a five-star eatery. As a restaurant leader, you owe it to yourself to get one of these affordable tools to try some new things behind the range.